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Capital Punishment Essay -- essays research papers fc

The death penalty Murder, a typical event in American culture, is thought of as an unpleasant, unforgivable abomination. Why at that point, is it thought of contrastingly when the state government orchestrates and executes a person, the very meaning of planned homicide? The death penalty has been explored and read for a long time, uncovering a few imbalances and shortcomings, demonstrating the requirement for capital punishment to be annulled. Upon assessment, one sees the death penalty as financially powerless and lacking. A typical misguided judgment of capital punishment is that the expense to execute an indicted criminal is less expensive than to put a convict in jail for life without any chance to appeal. Because of the United States legal framework, the procedure of offers, which is inescapable with cases including demise as the sentence, brings about an outrageous expense and is very tedious. The expense of a capital preliminary and execution can be two to multiple times more prominent than the measure of cash expected to house and feed a detainee forever. "Studies show imprisonment costs generally $20,000 per detainee every year ($800,000 if an individual lives 40 years in jail). Examination additionally shows a capital punishment ease costs generally $2 million for each execution," (Kaplan 2). The death penalty is incredibly costly and exhausts state legislatures of cash that could be utilized fo r a wide scope of projects that are helpful. As Belolyn Wiliams-Harold, a writer for the diary Black Enterprise, composes that area governments are ordinarily answerable for the expenses of arraignment and the expenses of the criminal preliminary, including lawyer's charges, and pay rates for the individuals from the court. This cash is spent to the detriment of the redresses office and wrongdoing avoidance programs, which are as of now is stone cold broke (Williams-Harlod 1). These "financial constraints,&quot, for example, the death penalty, don't advance a solid, business society, however cost and damage the general population. Just as being monetarily unsound, capital punishment is socially one-sided. A class framework has all the earmarks of being available in the United States of America this day in age, and the lower classes appear to nearly be oppressed by the higher classes. This is additionally valid for the death penalty. Ed Bishop of the St. Louis Journalism Review , composes on how these individuals from a lower class can not get away from capital punishment. At the stature of the... ...l discipline as an equitable and ethically solid technique for equity. All things considered, "An eye for an eye" appeared to be a justification that many held onto as reasonable. Presently there is a time of nearer assessment of what is genuinely just and ethically moral, just as financially stable. An outcome should be reasonable, accommodating, and viable. Does the death penalty meet these standards? There are convincing motivations to change the framework we have aimlessly acclaimed. Ideally we are actualizing another method of managing a deep rooted issue. Works Cited Minister, Ed. St. Louis Journalism Review, "Anti-capital punishment Stance." V29, March 1999. Cummings, Ryan. The Economist, "Most Advanced Countries Have Abolished Capital Punishment." V351, May 15, 1999. Kaplan, David A. Newsweek, "Capital Punishment." V129, June 16, 1997. Kile, David. The Christian Century, "Death Penalty Doubts." V116, Feb. 24, 1999. Williams-Harold, Belolyn. Dark Enterprise, "Facts and Figures: an expensive matter of life or death." V29, Sept. 1998.

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Youth Groups As A Discourse Community Essay Example For Students

Youth Groups As A Discourse Community Essay Youth Groups as a talk network The main individuals who go to youth bunches are the ideal children who do nothing incorrectly, go to chapel consistently, talk about God and about what is happening in their lives. This was my hypothesis before going to Pinion Hills Community Church in Farmington, New Mexico. Numerous individuals accept this to be a generalization however my estimate is that it is definitely not reality. Pinion Hills is a non-denominational church with an adolescent gathering that happens on Saturdays at five thirty toward the evening and afterward again on Sundays at nine thirty in the first part of the day. I decided to go to the Saturday youth bunch with my flat mate who has gone to the young gathering for barely a year now. Christianity started more than 2000 years prior with Jesus Christ and his supporters. We will compose a custom article on Youth Groups As A Discourse Community explicitly for you for just $16.38 $13.9/page Request now Jesus would go around the village’s lecturing religion and showing individuals the desire of God. Jesus would inevitably kick the bucket for the transgressions of man yet after three days he would be restored and offer want to the world. Jesus got known as the Messiah for the Christian religion just as the educator of God. Individuals today keep on recounting to his accounts and love him still right up 'til the present time. There are different ways that individuals meet up to love and applause God. One way would be the getting together of youth bunches since it permits the adolescent to find out about God in an increasingly current and fun manner. Strategies There are a wide range of ways that I approached gathering my data and information on youth gatherings. Interviews†¦

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How Professional College Writing Services Can Help You With Your College Essays

How Professional College Writing Services Can Help You With Your College EssaysCollege writing services can be very beneficial to students who are already a bit overwhelmed by the coursework and study of their chosen majors. Students who are concerned about their academic performance should consider hiring a professional college writing services. There are plenty of reasons why college writing services are important for students. Here are some of the ways they can help you achieve better grades and test scores.First, college writing services will save you time. You will be able to concentrate on your studies while a professional college writing service is completing the writing of your school assignments. If you need extra help in the midst of all this, a professional writing service can help you solve your assignments by offering tips and suggestions.Second, they can help you avoid common mistakes. When you hire a writing service, you will be provided with free rewrites and samples of previous work done by the writers. This will make it easy for you to identify a common mistake or error so that you can avoid making it in the future.Third, a good writing service will provide proofreading services for students who have not yet developed good composition skills. Their writing service will help improve your essay's structure and style so that you don't encounter any problems with grammar or punctuation. Proofreading can also be helpful when you want to make sure that your essay matches the expectations of your instructor. If your essay seems to have grammatical errors, a proofreader can provide you with a clean edit that can be used in the final draft.Fourth, writing services are much cheaper than having college staff revise your work. When you hire professional writers, you will pay the same price for both the professional writers and the college editors. In addition, the professional writers will be able to offer revisions that you might otherwise miss. If you h ire college editors, you may find yourself spending a lot more money than if you hired professional writers.Fifth, writing services will help you avoid plagiarism. A professional college writing service will be able to catch plagiarism and will show you how to avoid it in the future. If you want to avoid plagiarism in the future, then the writing service can help you understand the best way to write your own assignments.Sixth, college writing services will help you improve your college applications. Because writing is a skill that you can learn, a professional writing service can help you make the most of your college application. Writing will also give you more information that you can use to express your ideas in your college essay. This will make your application stand out from other applicants and make it more likely that you will be accepted.If you are a student who needs help in the writing process, a college writing services can be a great help. If you have been struggling to write your college essays, a college writing service can save you the embarrassment of poor grammar and bad writing. Instead, they can make your paper's much more polished and professional.

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Differences Between American and British English

While there are certainly many more varieties of English, American English and British English are the two varieties that are taught in most ESL/EFL programs. Generally, it is agreed that no one version is correct, but there are certainly preferences in use. The three major differences between American and British English are: Pronunciation - differences in both vowel and consonants, as well as stress and intonationVocabulary - differences in nouns and verbs, especially phrasal verb usage and the names of specific tools or itemsSpelling - differences are generally found in certain prefix and suffix forms The most important rule of thumb is to try to be consistent in your usage. If you decide that you want to use American English, then be consistent in your spelling (i.e. The color of the orange is also its flavour - color is American spelling and flavour is British). Of course, this is not always easy or possible. The following guide is meant to point out the principal differences between these two varieties of English. Minor Grammar Differences There are very few grammar differences between American and British English. Certainly, the words we choose might be different at times. However, generally speaking, we follow the same grammar rules. With that said, there are a few differences.   Use of the Present Perfect In British English, the present perfect is used to express an action that has occurred in the recent past that has an effect on the present moment. For example: Ive lost my key. Can you help me look for it? In American English, the following is also possible:I lost my key. Can you help me look for it? In British English, the above would be considered incorrect. However, both forms are generally accepted in standard American English. Other differences involving the use of the present perfect in British English and simple past in American English include already, just and yet. British English: Ive just had lunch.Ive already seen that film.Have you finished your homework yet? American English: I just had lunch OR Ive just had lunch.Ive already seen that film OR I already saw that film.Have you finished your homework yet? OR Did you finish your homework yet? Two Forms to Express Possession There are two forms to express possession in English: have or have got. Do you have a car?Have you got a car?He hasnt got any friends.He doesnt have any friends.She has a beautiful new home.Shes got a beautiful new home. While both forms are correct (and accepted in both British and American English), have got (have you got, he hasnt got, etc.) is generally the preferred form in British English, while most speakers of American English employ the have (do you have, he doesnt have etc.) The Verb Get The past participle of the verb get is gotten in American English. American English: Hes gotten much better at playing tennis. British English: Hes got much better at playing tennis. Have got is used predominately in British English to indicate  have in the sense of possession. Strangely, this form is also used in the United States with the British participle got, rather than gotten. Americans will also use have got to in the sense of have to for responsibilities. Ive got to work tomorrow.Ive got three friends in Dallas. Vocabulary The largest  differences between British and American English lie in the choice of vocabulary. Some words mean different things in the two varieties, for example: Mean: American English - angry, bad humored, British English - not generous, tight-fisted. American English: Dont be so mean to your sister! British English: Shes so mean she wont even pay for a cup of tea. There are many more examples (too many for me to list here). If there is a difference in usage, your dictionary will note the different meanings in its definition of the term. Many vocabulary items are also used in one form and not in the other. One of the best examples of this is the terminology used for automobiles. American English - hood / British English - bonnetAmerican English - trunk / British English - bootAmerican English - truck / British English - lorry For a more complete list of the vocabulary differences between British and American English, use this British vs. American English vocabulary tool. Spelling Here are some general differences between British and American spellings: Examples of words that end in -or in American English and -our in British English: color/colour, humor/humour, flavor/flavourExamples of words that end in -ize in American English and -ise in British English: recognize/recognise, patronize/patronise The best way to make sure that you are being consistent in your spelling is to utilize the spell check tool associated with your word processor and select the type of English (American or British) youd like to use.

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Napoleons Greed and Ambition Essay - 1376 Words

Napoleon Bonaparte was historically not only the powerful invader but also the ambitious king. Napoleon made various works that effected France and the other country significantly, conquering almost of countries in Europe. Almost people in France praised Napoleon when he won in any war or any invasion. From successful occupation, people started to consider Napoleon as a god of the war and large numbers of people followed his order. Napoleon seems as the greatest emperor in the world. However, Napoleon was only concerned on his greed and ambition, which made questionable political decision and poor military decisions, changing him as an outcast. Having the highest spot in Europe, Napoleon changed to be arrogant and be rude himself. He was†¦show more content†¦At first, he was not concerned on the national problems because he was too tired and needed relaxation with his family. However, later, he found that France was becoming ruined and decided to make the coup against parlia ment. Lucien Bonaparte, a younger brother of Napoleon Bonaparte, made Napoleon the offer to become one of three governing consuls, but Napoleon rejected. He wanted to take the throne of France. Napoleon had his own greed that wanted to be popular and did not prefer people to forget his victories by uncompleted invasion, â€Å"Although he had been given a hero’s welcome by the populace he knew that this type of fame was fleeting, and he also recognized that recent French military victories in Holland and Switzerland had somewhat tarnished his own unfinished effort in Egypt.† When he made the coup against parliament, Napoleon mentioned the true liberty and the republic. â€Å"He then transported his spirited oratory to the beautiful gardens and the waiting troops with whose aid the republic would be established.† Napoleon called his troops for coup, saying that the real republic finally established. However, people did not consider this action as the republic. One deputy said â€Å"And the Constitution? You already destroyed the Constitution when you violated it. No one respects it anymore,† and the other people said â€Å"Down with the tyrant.† From the successful coup, Napoleon took the most authority in France, but present a bad image . In May 1804, congressShow MoreRelatedThe Tragic Consequences of the Rebellion on Animal Farm1164 Words   |  5 Pages In George Orwell’s book ‘Animal Farm’, many things went wrong. Many agree that the consequences depicted in the book could have been avoided, but what really caused these tragic happenings? Did these consequences occur solely because of Napoleon’s dictatorship, or did the animals willingness to cooperate also contribute in the downfall of Animal Farm? Napoleon was one of the main instigators of Animal Farm’s downfall. He was portrayed as a heartless and selfish dictator, whoRead MoreAnimal Farm Essay on Utopia978 Words   |  4 Pagesthe animals ultimately never achieve their utopia because of the avaricious and power-hungry nature of Napoleon and his pig cronies. Whether it is the ambitious and power hungry Napoleon and his cronies, the animals blind loyalty and ignorance to Napoleons ulterior motives or the resigned apathy and passivity of some of the animals, it is clear that not one, but all are responsible for sending the once hopeful utopian society spiralling into the chaos of a dishevelled, dystopian regime. ThroughoutRead MoreHow Is Marxism Portrayed in Animal Farm by George Orwell? Essay1369 Words   |  6 PagesHow is Marxism portrayed throughout ‘Animal Farm’ by George Orwell? The main aim of Marxism is to bring about a classless society, and ‘Animal Farm’ is generally considered to be a Marxist novel, as all its characters share a similar ambition at the beginning. ‘Animal Farm’ represents an example of the oppressed masses rising up to form their own classless society, whilst offering a subtle critique on Stalin’s Soviet Russia, and communism in general. Orwell is, ironically, revolutionary in hisRead MoreNapoleon and The French Revolution, Questions and Answers1767 Words   |  7 PagesRevolution. His ambition stretched beyond the limits of the new governments, and through greed and desire, eventually returned to many principles of the old regime. One of the major points of his betrayal comes from his appointment to emperor. This unsubtle transition goes against the main reason for revolution in France. If they are willing to go the extent of executing the previous king, the people of France would probably not want an even stronger autocratic ruler. Even Napoleon’s coronation ceremonyRead MoreSymbolism and Allegory in Animal Farm1657 Words   |  7 Pageshow the upper class groups use manipulation to their advantage. Animal Farm in simple terms is the allegory of a revolution gone sour. Animalism, Communism, and Fascism are all the symbols which are used by the pigs as a means of satisfying their greed and lust for power. As Lord Acton wrote: Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely† which is definitely the case. The author uses the animals, the windmill, and the seven commandments to symbolize the extreme power over the animals

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Adaptive vs Rational Expectations - 1453 Words

Differentiate between Rational and Adaptive Expectations and clearly explain their role in focusing on future macro-economic variables 1. Rational Expectations The theory of rational expectations was first proposed by John F. Muth of Indiana University in the early 1960s. He used the term to describe the many economic situations in which the outcome depends partly on what people expect to happen. Rational expectations theory is an assumption in a model that the agent under study uses a forecasting mechanism that is as good as is possible given the stochastic (random) processes and information available to the agent. Rational expectations is thus a theory used to model the determination of expectations of future events by economic agents†¦show more content†¦This current expected inflation reflects a weighted average of all past inflation, where the weights get smaller and smaller as we move further in the past. III. Role of Rational and Adaptive Expectations in focusing on future macro economic variables. Economist today use the adaptive expectations model but then complement it with ideas based on the rational expectations to understand a variety of situations in which specialisation about the future is a crucial factor in determining current action. This theory is a building block for the â€Å"random walk† or â€Å"efficient markets† and design of economic stabilization policies among others. †¢ The Efficient Markets Theory of Stock Prices A sequence of observations on a variable (such as daily stock prices) is said to follow a random walk if the current value gives the best possible prediction of future values. When properly adjusted for discounting and dividends, stock price changes follow a random walk. In their efforts to forecast such prices, investors comb all sources of information including patterns that they can spot in past price movements. They buy stocks they expect to have a higher than average returns and sell those they expect to have lower returns. When they do so, they bid up prices of stocks expected to have higher than average returns and drive down the prices of those expected to have a lower than average returns. The prices of stocks adjust until the expected returnsShow MoreRelatedThe Marine Corps And Amphibious Warfare1708 Words   |  7 Pageseconomic thought concerning market predictions where disagreeing parties argue the merits of adaptive vs. rational expectations. Adaptive expectations are those formed from past experience only where changes in expectations occur slowly over time as data changes For example, because the SP 500 has increased at an average rate of 8% every year for the past 20 years an economist following the adaptive expectation train of thought would be confident that the index will continue to average an 8% returnRead MoreIntentional Revolutions Is Organizational Change1218 Words   |  5 PagesTo make revolution is to attack values and practices that are valued or cherished or accepted within the prevailing culture. Slide 1 Transformation – creation of a new organizational reality. These organizations are continuously and fundamentally adaptive and self-renewing. Slide 2 The challenge of Transformational Change †¢ Discontinuous Thinking †¢ Building a New Consciousness †¢ Practical Dimensions of Transformation †¢ The Path of Least Resistance Discontinuous Thinking Rapid and unpredictableRead MoreCrude Oil Price Forecasting Model Using Machine Learning3463 Words   |  14 Pagesability of those investments to earn a return depends upon the ability to produce fuels or power and sell it at a viable price. Some amount of price volatility is an inevitable consequence of a market-based economy. Since companies invest based on expectations about prices, high price volatility creates uncertainty and risk. Volatile prices can also affect labor markets, increasing temporary layoffs or prompting surge hiring. Figure 1: Oil Volatility Index. [1] In the academic literature,Read MoreRunning Out Of Time, My Life Essay2295 Words   |  10 Pageswant to leave his friends and family. This shows that they have passed through this level by having the ability to have moral reasoning based on their own principles and individual rights (Kohlberg, 1968). Erik Erickson. Erikson concentrated on the adaptive and creative characteristics of the ego and increasing the stages of personality development to spanning an individual’s life to develop his theory. Believing that an individual obtains their personality in a predetermined order, therefore, the modelRead MoreNature VS Nurture – Are Criminals Born or Made? Essay2735 Words   |  11 Pagesï » ¿ Your essay title: Nature VS Nurture – Are Criminals Born or Made? Declaration of original work: By submitting this work, I am declaring that I am the originator of this work and that all other original sources used in this work have been appropriately acknowledged. I understand that plagiarism is the act of taking and using the whole or any part of another person’s work and presenting it as my own without proper acknowledgement. I also understand that plagiarism is anRead MoreOrganization Structure and Culture3859 Words   |  16 PagesOrganisational Structure and Culture. An organisation in general can be defined as the rational co-ordination of the activities of a number of people for the achievement of some common explicit purpose or goal, through division of labour and function and through a hierarchy of authority and responsibility.. 1. Compare and Contrast Organisational Structure An organisation in general can be defined as the rational co-ordination of the activities of a number of people for the achievement of some commonRead MoreOrganization Structure and Culture3869 Words   |  16 PagesOrganisational Structure and Culture. An organisation in general can be defined as the rational co-ordination of the activities of a number of people for the achievement of some common explicit purpose or goal, through division of labour and function and through a hierarchy of authority and responsibility.. 1. Compare and Contrast Organisational Structure An organisation in general can be defined as the rational co-ordination of the activities of a number of people for the achievement of some commonRead MoreGoogle Self Driving Car Marketing Plan Essay11358 Words   |  46 PagesNevada (phase 2) and implement their own laws to allow self-driving cars to be driven on their public roads. Market Trends Over the years, car manufacturers have been making automobiles more automated with technologies such as self-parking and adaptive cruise control. Our focus here is to highlight some of the major semi-autonomous technologies that have reached the early majority on the Technology Adoption Life Cycle (TALC) model over the last decade. We are aiming the early majority due toRead MorePersonality and Cultures5274 Words   |  22 Pagespossess the ability to solve the situation, an increased effort will do little to help. This lack of effort when facing challenge is likely to depress their performance. On the other hand, under a learning orientation, individuals will experience an adaptive pattern and they are more likely to increase effort when encountering difficulty and this effort is likely to increase performance. Keywords: Cultural Values, Goal Orientation, Organizational Behaviour, Human Resources Much research in organizationalRead MoreSpace Age Furniture Company2426 Words   |à ‚  10 Pages In today’s operational management arena, there are certain expectations from a managerial aspect that must be met in order to be successful. A comprehensive look at the Space Age Furniture Company will show exactly what the Materials Requirement Planning (MRP) calculations are for this company at present time and then take the information given in order to properly suggest ways to improve the sub-assemblies. In addition, there will be an analysis on the trade-offs between the overtime and inventory

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Is Globalisation a Force for Good free essay sample

Globalisation is the process by which organisations, start operating on an international scale, or develop an international influence, made possible by communication and increasing improvement in technology. Nike, McDonald, Apple are all obvious examples of globalisation. Other less obvious examples of what globalisation has brought us but we are hardly ever aware of are internet, which a lot of us use as an efficient source of information; TV shows for news and entertainment; cell phones for communication; etc. More trades, more markets, business, more information, jobs and opportunities are promises of a globalised world. But reports and studies have criticised globalisation for recent issues regarding the environment, especially global warming. While some say that globalisation helps countries with modernisation along the Western line and increases opportunities for self-development, others argue that it undermines local traditions and results in loss of biodiversity. Some say globalisation bring overall national process, while others argue it creates and widens spartial inequalities. So, is globalisation a force for good? Opposing perspectives regarding globalisation vary, from how it affects the one’s country’s economy, politics to its impact on the environment, society and cultures. It is true to say that globalisation creates opportunities for new jobs for people, especially in developing countries. Many workers of manufacturing factories for global brands come from rural areas. They leave to industrialised cities in search for jobs to support their life. Statistic shows that Nike alone employs approximately 800,000 workers in its factories, which primarily located in South-East Asia. Global brand like Nike can help to decrease the increasing unemployment rate, which is currently globally a worrying social issue. The question which then arose is that: how do these global companies treat their workers in these countries where protective labour laws are poorly enforced and cheap labour is abundant? Unofficial complaints from workers and labour groups indicate that they are forced to work overtime, more than 7 hours a day, just to earn about $10 per week. In addition, a company with yearly revenue of $8. 7 billion, should be able to pay its worker a more decent wages. Many workers believe that they are being exploited, but have no choices but to continue working. Many think that this is better than having nothing, that they’re lucky since they now have a job. $50 as a monthly income would be sufficient to cover one’s basic needs in countries like Vietnam, China, etc. And supposedly there are more pros than cons for workers in countries where global brands have set up their factories, what about people of more developing countries? Their companies’ factories keep moving when they find a place with cheaper labour. It is obvious that employees have to face insecurity about their future employment. With globalisation expanding and changing, we now confront a challenge of new forms of global political structure to regulate the process. Actions which have been taken to encourage globalisation include removing investment barriers between countries, lowering taxes, loosen labour laws, etc. It can change shape of political power, as it is heavily influencing the economy. De-territorialisation of power by which the power of the state is undermined is an example. Globalisation also considerably affects the welfare regime. Local business has to compete with global brand is a big disadvantage of globalisation. Local tradition and cultures are also endangered by globalisation when traditional dishes are replaced by fast-food meals from KFC, McDonald, or when traditional music, clothing, housing etc. are being transformed into more modern forms. This is why local people may oppose to this idea of globalizing. However, we have to remember that globalisation is what helping us catching up with world, is an opportunities for self-development for every country. We are now able to know and learn about the world newest technology, science, medicine through internet, computers, televisions, newspapers, etc. and adapt and apply them our life and work. Students are able to go overseas and study to help their countries, whether it is their economy or medical health care. Globalisation is not only about money. Oil-rich countries may fall into the category of â€Å"underachievers† because they haven’t been able to convert or invest their wealth into better education and better living conditions. Globalisation working together with more developed countries and adapting their systems is possible helpful  solution. Globalisation also enables us to experience and appreciate other cultures. Environment is a huge aspect of globalisation. China and Seoul (Korea) are perfect examples of how globalisation impacts the environment. The two countries both are facing the challenge of sustainable development. For China case, they have put their aim of increasing production in order to be economically self-sufficient over protecting the environment. Pollution and over-use of resources were considered less important than meeting the need of a rapid increasing population. Forests are tracked down to make space for factories. Deforestation leads to soil erosion, increases the risk of severe floods and loss of rare species. As biodiversity declines, so does human’s health. Industrialisation leads to increase of harmful exhaust gas, contributing to global warming. Seoul (Korea) has been recognised after the Seoul Olympic. Since then the city has been a global site for tourism. Operations of many famous international hotel chains, fast-food restaurants, convenience stores increase. Investment from other countries effectively boosts up the economy. Migration from rural to urban areas in the country increases. Therefore, Seoul soon encountered the problems of over population. Chronic traffic congestion happens every day, primary source of water is polluted with untreated sewage and exhaust fumes haze over the city, blocking the sun. The benefits of globalisation are proved to be highly unevenly distributed. Statistic about distributing of telephone lines show that countries in the richest fifth of the world possess 74% of the number of telephone lines, while the poorest fifth only get about 1.5%. 3 billion people, nearly half of the world population are excluded. These are people who make less than $3/day or aren’t employed by global brands’ companies. They have no wealth, no access to internet and lack of skills to actively participate in this process. With all these problems and benefits brought to us by globalisation, it is clear that our biggest goal now is to ensure that globalisation become a sustainable process and a positive forward force for all, instead of leaving billions behind.